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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn on the Island

We don't quite get the spectacular fall colors they do in some other parts of the US, but autumn is still a beautiful time of year here. The big leaf maples in places like British Camp National Historic Park, where I went for a walk today, are at their peak of vibrant yellow. I took the above photo from the little dock in Garrison Bay, looking back towards some of the historic British Camp buildings. It was a pretty gray day so a lot of my photos were turning out dark. In order to use some longer exposure times to brighten the pictures, I decided to use some "natural tripods" by resting my camera on logs, fences, etc. One of my favorites is the one above, where I ended up really liking the effect of seeing the wood from the dock where I was resting the camera.

It turned out to be a very peaceful walk. I didn't see anyone else on the trail, and the only sounds I heard were of the birds all around me: the peeping of golden-crowned kinglets flitting around in the bushes, the rattling sound of an irritated kingfisher, the high-pitched cry of a bald eagle perched atop a tree, and the guttural yelling back and forth of the ravens.

Before I left, the sun even poked through the clouds, casting a beautiful golden light and long shadows over the landscape:

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