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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 8th: Spieden Humpback Whales

Last year this time when I was toying with the idea of buying a boat, one of my motivations was the humpback whales that were hanging out in Spieden Channel for days at a time. They were so close to my house, but just out of sight! This year, with the new boat, they were now within reach, and one evening I took my parents out to go look for them. We found not one, but two!

Probably the best "rainblow" shot I've ever gotten
They were milling around rather unpredictably, but we still got some nice views. With the late day lighting and stunning backdrops, the whole scene felt classically Pacific Northwest to me. 

We were mostly just stopped watching them go back and forth, and we got surprised by one close surfacing. When you hear a humpback blow from that close, you feel it all the way through your body!


And just in case you wonder why they call them humpback whales:

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Blue Heron said...

After reading your blog for several years I finally made it to San Juan Island last week. My friends have recently bought a home near Yacht Harbor. It was wonderful but my whale luck was not so good. Just missed them at Lime Kiln one day , finally saw them the last evening but pretty far off in the Haro. Guess you can't chase these things. Did see humpbacks on the way over and some Dahl.

My friend had your bird book on his table and I walked up Young Hill as recommended and saw a bald eagle high overhead although my understanding is that most are at Frazer right now. Saw another couple while kayaking out of Roche. It was nice to see your stuff for sale around the Island. Wish I could have run into you. Thanks for maintaining this excellent blog.


Robert Sommers