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Sunday, September 20, 2015

August 30: Superpod in Unreal Lighting

On August 30th I got out to Lime Kiln in the middle of several large groups of the superpod were heading north. They were quite a ways offshore, but the sheer number of them in one group was pretty darn impressive:

With a few friends in town, the conditions were right to meet up and head out on the boat to show them some whales before sunset. As intriguing as the lighting was at Lime Kiln, it got even more amazing as we followed the whales towards Stuart Island. They were now spread out all the way across Haro Strait in smaller groups, and no matter which way I looked I could see whales in amazing light.

Can you spot the orca?
A little easier to see the whale in this one
J2 Granny

K25 Scoter - no filter needed
Heck, on the way back in, the scenery was pretty darn spectacular even without the whales in it ;)

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