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Friday, July 10, 2015

June 30th: J2s, J19s, and K14s (OBI# 16)

On the evening of June 30th we caught up with a small group of resident orcas heading south towards San Juan Island. This odd little group has become a regular association this summer: the J2s (including the J14s), J19s, and K14s, a total of 14 whales when you count L87 Onyx who travels with them as well. So bizarre to have members of all three pods present in such a small group! When we met up with them, it was in rough seas off the northern part of Henry Island, but luckily as we came around the island the waters flattened out and I could take some photos.

The J19s are my favorite little family group, and it's been awesome to spend so much time with them this summer.

J51 following mom J41 Eclipse

J19 Shachi

J41 Eclipse and J51

As we let the Js and Ks continue on down Haro, we spotted L87 Onyx way behind and offshore of everybody else. For some reason, he's been spending a lot of time away from the main group and off on his own this summer. It's not a totally atypical behavior for an adult male, but it's a change from what he usually did.

L87 Onyx

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