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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 27th: K-Pod (OBI #12, 13)

Our streak of amazing mornings on the water continued on June 27th when we met up with the K12s and K13s just north of False Bay. While I love watching whales from shore, one of the interesting things about watching them from a boat is that you can stay with the same animals for extended lengths of time. On shore, by contrast, you're stationary while all the animals go past you - so you see everyone, but just briefly. On this morning in particular, we got to spend a lot of time with K37 Rainshadow and his younger sister K43 Saturna. At first they were quickly traveling north.

K43 Saturna

Then suddenly they stopped to forage, and while we dropped the hydrophone and recorded their echolocation clicks they circled our boat in the early morning light.

K37 Rainshadow arches his back at the surface

A close look at K43 Saturna

Then, as they continued north again at a slower pace, it was apparently play time for a little bit - at least K37 Rainshadow did a series of breaches!

Breach from K37 Rainshadow

Up near Lime Kiln it was decision time - to continue north, or turn back south? They milled around for a while before deciding to continue north, towards J-Pod Group A and the K14s.

A different perspective on watching whales at Lime Kiln

In the afternoon, the Js and Ks had all met up and were making their way back down Haro Strait. I saw them from Lime Kiln.

A big spyhop from K33 Tika

K27 Deadhead and K44 Ripple

J-Pod Group A and the K12s, K13s, and K14s would spend the night off the south end of San Juan Island.....a perfect set up for another morning encounter on June 28th!

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