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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 3 - July 9th Whales

On July 3rd, with more friends in town for the holiday weekend, we headed out to Lime Kiln and got lucky to be there for a J-Pod passby. In particular, J35 Tahlequah and her son J47 Notch were a spectacular sight as they breached repeatedly on their way past the lighthouse:

J35 Tahlequah

J47 Notch

J35 Tahlequah

On July 6th, after a long day at work, I headed out to Lime Kiln again and was treated to a pass by members of all three pods - about 60 whales. They were mostly quite a ways offshore, but any time you get to see that many whales traveling all together it's a pretty special treat. The lighting was bizarre as a result of all the regional wildfires.

K26 Lobo

Four L-Pod whales hadn't visited inland waters with their usual group earlier this summer - L72 Racer, L105 Fluke, L90 Muncher, and L92 Crewser. In early July they made their first visit, and I got to see them for the first time on this evening.

The distinct dorsal fin of L92 Crewser silhouetted in the strange orange lighting of a smokey sunset

The L4s on the left and L95 Nigel on the right
Lots of whales! :)
On July 9th, this time with some family visiting, we again went out to Lime Kiln for sunset, hoping to see whales. Bingo! Part of J- and K-Pods swam by, with the smokey skies again providing a stunning and unusual backdrop.

After a week of great shore-based whale encounters, and striking out when going out looking on the boat, I was ready for another research trip on the boat. Things would come together for just that on July 11th - stay tuned for my next post.

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