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Saturday, July 11, 2009

L-Pod Photos by Julie

As promised, here are a few of Julie Corey's photos from yesterday's afternoon trip. She was the other naturalist on board.

K21 Cappuccino coming to the surface

Thanks to Julie's photo (below) and some help from Jeanne, I was able to figure out that the two playful whales we followed by the Cattle Point Lighthouse before the whales entered the Pass were L105 Fluke and his older brother L95 Nigel.

L105 Fluke cartwheeling in front of Cattle Point Lighthouse

A group of L-Pod whales surfaces together in Cattle Pass, backlit by the late afternoon light

An L-Pod whale breaches in Cattle Pass. The whales really just seemed to be playing in the strong currents....the best explanation we could come up with for why they made an unusual visit into this narrow channel.

Coming right at you - the surprise pass by 3 Ls just before we had to leave. If you look closely (click for a larger version) you can see the whale's eye just in front of the white eyepatch. The object partially obscuring the right of the image is out boat.

Thanks for sharing Julie!

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