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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clear Sunset and Foggy Whales

Two nights ago we took time to head out to the west side and enjoy a classic San Juan summer sunset. There weren't many clouds to reflect the colors, but the madrone trees made for some interesting photos. Here is my favorite one of the night:

By yesterday the morning the fog had moved in full force, but the whales were somehow picked up anyway heading south towards San Juan Island. I headed out to Lime Kiln to test my luck at spotting whales in the fog, and within 15 minutes of my arrival someone spotted a whale breaking through the fog. There was less than 1/4 mile visibility, which always makes for kind of a magical encounter. You can't really see the whales coming or going, they are just suddenly there right in front of you, then just as suddenly gone again.

K26 Lobo did just that - I didn't see him at all until he did a huge lunge just offshore of where I was sitting. He lunged a few times in different directions - pursuing a fish perhaps? - before heading on south with the others.

Here is Lobo with his younger brother K36 Yoda. This photo really captures what it felt like with the haze. No auto focus today - I had to try my hand at manually focusing which is really difficult because you never know where the whale is going to pop up next. I think I did all right this time though!


julie said...

ah! beautiful! both the sunset shot and the foggy whales. i love the fog. we get it a lot here during sebastopol summers.

so, monika, i have a task for you. keep those whales coming through the month of september. it's looking pretty positive for a second trip. i booked a campsite for sept 1-8. this time, let's go kayaking, and if the whales are out, i promise to be one of the "good kayakers"!

Vickie said...

Awesome images. You do a wonderful job of making me feel like I'm right there with you and want to be!

Monika said...

Julie - I'll do my best on the whale front! Usually September is spectacular here, in terms of whales but also weather, tourist traffic, etc. Kayaking sounds great!

Vickie - That's exactly what I hope to convey....thanks for letting me know I've succeeded!