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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As I've been focusing so much on flowers lately, I have to remember to look up from my feet sometimes and take in the great views all around me. Here are some of my favorite photos from the last week or so.

Cloud and the lone tree, Mt. Finlayson, south end of San Juan Island.

British Camp in the spring

Late afternoon lighting at the Land Bank Westside Preserve

Rainy afternoon in the woods near the Friday Harbor Labs


Warren Baker said...

very atmospheric Monika, especially the woods.
Sometimes I wish I had two sets of eyes, so I can look up and down at the same time

Michele Wassell said...

I always try to remember to look all around me, but its so easy to just focus on whats in front of you, forgetting the rest. Its a never ending challenge. I really like the mood of the forest photo...