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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy Trip to Portland

I wasn't quite planning to head down to Portland for Christmas just yet, but seeing a slight break between the winter storms yesterday I made a dash for it. The drive was not fun, but stressful - for the first part of the drive many of the roads were still icy, and near the end of the drive I got caught in a snow storm - but I am relieved I made it! It was the right decision, too, as today we woke up to 4+ inches of snow here in Portland, it is still snowing, and the forecast is for freezing rain tomorrow. And, for the part of the drive where it was light out, the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

I took this picture from the ferry, looking at the snow-dusted islands just outside of Anacortes.

When traffic was slow, I took the chance to take a few photos out the window of my car. This is along Highway 20 between Anacortes and I5.

By the time the sun was setting I had finally made it to I5, but for about 10 miles the freeway was completely icy and it was slow going at about 15 mph. You can see a misty fog over the ground in this photo. I was worried it would get foggy, but luckily it never did.

1 comment:

Vickie said...

Glad you are safe. Ice is so unpredictable.

Your photos are lovely. Fresh snow always lends something magical to a landscape. Enjoy your holidays.