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Sunday, December 28, 2008


When I first look through my photos after taking them, the spectacular shots always stand out first: the whale breach, the seal looking curiously right at you, or the bird in flight. Sometimes, however, when going back through my photos again, a more subtle image comes to my attention. Not the animal itself, but where the animal just was. I've started pulling a few of these photos out, calling them "Impression". Here are a few examples, of a harbor seal diving, a pair of raccoon footprints, and a whale breach splash.


The K said...

Impressions opens up an entire new area of photo possibilities, some more bizarre than others. I've dabbled in this area as you can see from the butterfly picture. At first blush you may be repelled, but there is actually literature about this.

Monika said...

The K - not quite what I had in mind, but interesting nonetheless!