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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Orcas Island

Today we went over to Orcas Island to enjoy the nice weather. We had tried a few times in the last week, but were delayed once by wind and once by rain, so the third time was the charm! We went up to Mt. Constitution, the tallest point in the San Juan Islands at over 2000 feet. There's an observation tower up there that gives you a near-360 degree view of the islands. While up there, we looked down not only on the isles and their surrounding water, but on a small plane and a bald eagle in flight! It's hard to capture the full scale of the view in photographs, but here's one I think does a pretty good job:

I also attempted to stitch together a panoramic shot. Make sure to click on it to see the larger view (something you can do on any of my posted photos):

We then went to Cascade Falls, where while the boys climbed around on the logs and rocks, I had time to play with my camera to get some cool waterfall shots:

Finally, here's a macro shot of two little mushrooms. I've been working on a little photo catalogue of all the fungi I've been seeing, as there are dozens of species that have popped up with all the recent rain. Look for a photo post in the near future documenting some of the variety of mushrooms!

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Michele Wassell said...

Lovely photos, Monika.. Looks like it was the perfect day to go... Have a great weekend...