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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The L2s Return Too

It was very exciting this morning (Friday) to be on the Western Prince. We caught up to whales heading east right at the lighthouse on Discovery Island, and the group we traveled with was none other than the L2s, who had also been among the "missing" Ls. This was the first time they have been confirmed to come all the way in to the San Juan Islands, and through my photographs I was also able to confirm that the matriach, L2, was in fact still with us, as there were some rumors that she was missing. The above photo is of the adult male Gaia (L78), matriarch Ophelia (L2), and young male Wavewalker (L88). I also got to see some other L-Pod whales, including this calf (either L109 or L110):

I got off the boat and headed straight to the west side of the island, just in time to see a few whales from K-Pod head north, as well as the harlequin ducks in the photo below. Another beautiful day in the San Juan Islands!

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