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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The J16s

This afternoon on the Western Prince we again caught up with the 9 members of J-Pod on the west side of San Juan Island. At first they were right along the rocks, spread out and taking long dives. But before we left, they pulled offshore and moved into two tight groups. The above photo is a "family portrait" of the J16s. From left to right the dorsal fins are Slick (J16), J42 (a one year old to be named next month!), Alkai (J36), Keet (J33), and Mike (J26). What a beautiful pass they gave us!

Another interesting sighting occurred just as we were pulling back in to Friday Harbor - an adult bald eagle chasing an osprey! The aerial acrobatics were amazing, and equally impressive was how small the osprey looked compared to the eagle.

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