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Saturday, August 15, 2015

July 31st: Js and Ks Rocketing Down Haro

On the evening of July 31st we met up with the J2s, J19s, K13s, and K14s as they zoomed down Haro Strait, presumably to meet up with the rest of J-Pod and the K12s who were off the south end of San Juan Island. When we met up with the whales off Spieden Island, they were all porpoising - always an impressive sight:

It's not easy to photograph porpoising whales: it's hard to predict where they'll come up, and when they do, it's just for a split second before they disappear into their own splash:

After rounding Henry Island, they slowed down a little bit, enough so that we could get some IDs. K26 Lobo was traveling with some of his favorite ladies - his sister K36 Yoda:

K36 Yoda and K26 Lobo, sister and brother
And the elder female from J-Pod, J2 Granny:

K26 Lobo and J2 Granny

As we left the whales still southbound off San Juan County Park, they were pulling in towards shore and I could tell the folks at Lime Kiln were going to be treated to a fantastic, close sunset passby!

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