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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Many Shades of Lupine

I was very intrigued by this recent post by my friend Phil, wherein he tries to get photos of single plants showing flowers in all their stages (bud, bloom, seed). This must have been in my mind on Saturday during a walk at Cattle Point, where I immediately noticed the multi-flowered lupine plants were an ideal candidate for finding just such a specimen. This was the closest I could find, with the flowers at the top opened up just past their budding stage. The flowers in the middle are in full bloom, and towards the bottom of the stem are the seed pods:

The other thing I noticed was the amazing color variety within the lupine plants. The dominant color was this purple:

But there were other plants ranging from white:

To pink:

To pale lavender:

To darker lavender:

That's what's so cool about being a naturalist - the closer you look, the more you see, and there's always something to look at!


Lois Evensen said...

Yes, lovely. Enjoyed the series.

Phil said...

Hey Monika, My next blog was going to be shades of camas but you beat me to the color theme. Must be like minds travel the same paths.

The first photo is perfect for the phenology series!

Delbensonphotography said...

That's great shades! I love the pink one and dark lavender.