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Sunday, April 8, 2012

San Juan Island In Black and White

My dad and I have been continuing our respective 365 Projects for the year, where we're taking a picture every day. Some weeks we come up with themes, which are great not only to come up with subject matter but are proving to be an inspiration to approach photography in whole new ways. Some of our themes, like "leading lines" and "forgotten" have kept me finding new photographic opportunities long after the week has passed. This week, the theme is "black and white landscapes". I've never really done much black and white photography before, but I've enjoyed trying something new. It's amazing how different a scene has to be to look good in black and white, compared to what looks good for a color landscape. Here are my results of this week thus far (one more day still to go!):


ingrid said...

I love this series ... and you're so right about the different parameters that lead to a beautiful black-and-white photo. I also love b&w for injecting new life into a tired old color photograph. Nice work. You live in a beautiful place where I'd love to spend a lot more time.

michelle said...

Your photos are looking really good! And of course, I love following your blog. It is great to be able to get my SJI nature fix even when I am away. I hope you are enjoying your spring!