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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

South End Wildlife: Foxes, Birds, and a Frog

I've been so busy with a couple of other projects that I've gotten a little bit behind reporting some of my recent wildlife sightings! A little over a week ago I went back to check on the four fox kits and found them rough-housing with each other. Here are some photo highlights:

Prints of this photo available here

Prints of this photo available here

Prints of this photo available here

Prints of this photo available here

Again I got to see the mother fox bring food to the kits. This time the baby black fox with the injured ear made off with what looked like a large rat:

You can see more photos of these fox kits on my previous blog posts here and here

This afternoon warmed up nicely so I went down for a walk at South Beach. I was hoping to find some migrating pipits, but no such luck. There were lots of savannah sparrows and American goldfinches as well as a yellow warbler, several common yellowthroat, a few house finches, and some red-winged blackbirds and brown-headed cowbirds. The only seabirds in sight on the flat calm waters were about ten Pacific loons:

As I was climbing over the driftwood, something green caught my eye. I was surprised to find a Pacific tree frog right there on the beach! I associate them with wetlands and wooded areas, not coastline. I wonder what it was doing there?


Katie Jones said...

Those little foxes are SO cute! I need to go out and see them again. Maybe tomorrow.

Rainsong said...

My guess is that the little frog was thinking, "I usually associate humans with cars or houseboats, I wonder what she is doing here?"

Monika said...

Katie - Have you been back out?

Rainsong - I love it!

Anonymous said...

So the mother black fox ate the little baby!!!??

Monika said...

No - the mother fox brought food to the babies, and the baby black fox ran off with the food - what looked like a rat.