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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

K12 Sequim and K37 Rainshadow

This morning, like every other morning so far this month, started with dense fog, but today it burned off into bright sunshine by the time we headed out on the water. Today on the Western Explorer we traveled north and met up with J-Pod, K-Pod, and most of L-Pod (minus the L12s and L5s) who were all traveling southwest. We were in the south Strait of Georgia north of Patos Island and south of Point Roberts, out in fairly open water that today was flat calm.

It was a very mellow afternoon, and we got to quietly watch the spread out whales travel - some surfacing far away, others mid-range, and still others closer. There was one moment of high excitement when the whales suddenly shifted from traveling south to a more westerly direction, and we got a nice pass by K12 Sequim and her six year-old sun K37 Rainshadow. Here is a sequence of four photos showing them surfacing as they passed off the left side of the boat. That's mom in front with the wispy saddle patch and Rainshadow next with the smaller dorsal fin and rake marks across his saddle patch:

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