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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon, Superpod Whales on the Prince

We had two amazing trips today aboard the Western Prince as the superpod whales continued, and there were tons of great photo ops. As always, click on the photos to get a larger view - these pics definitely look great bigger.

This morning in the fog we found K and L Pod whales off of False Bay. It's always cool to watch whales in the fog as they can appear and disappear out of nowhere, and that's definitely how it happened today.

L74 Saanich, passing off the stern in the fog

K34 Cali and K13 Skagit pass off the bow

Cool full frame shot into the light, also off the bow

By the afternoon the fog had burned off and we saw members of all three pods offshore between Hein Bank and False Bay. Whenever all three pods are together they can mix up and you may see uncharacteristic combinations of whales, like today we saw J34 Doublestuf (11 year-old male) and L2 Grace (49 year-old female) traveling together.


L2, who was right in front of J34

We got to check out many different groups of whales, and saw some tail slaps, pec slaps, and even a bit of sexual activity. I've seen a lot of K21 Cappucino lately, and today was no exception. He and three other whales gave us a nice look:

K21 Cappucino, after passing off the stern

K21 Cappucino diving on the right, with his sister K40 Raggedy in the middle, and another K-Pod female on the left

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