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Friday, June 19, 2009

Update on the Southern Residents

A group of traveling Southern Resident whales.

I know a lot of you blog readers have been just as concerned about the Southern Resident killer whales as I have been, especially after I posted some of my concerns a few weeks ago. I wanted to share that yesterday and today J-Pod, the L12s, and K20 and K38 have been seen in inland waters, and reports I'm hearing are that they look "healthy and happy".

I am, of course, down in Portland for six days to spend some time with my family, so still no whales for me! But I'm very happy to hear that they have been sighted and appear to be in good condition. Even if they don't stick around the islands much this year, they are apparently finding something to eat somewhere, and that is what truly matters.

J-Pod had not been seen near San Juan Island since May 25th - a whopping 24 day absence that is unheard of this time of year. Normally, Js are a mainstay in May and June, seen on almost a daily basis. Not having J-Pod around in June was really starting to worry everyone, so its good to know they're around again and looking good.


Vickie said...

Good news! I love that photo...its so a alive with movement.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for letting us know Monika. I like that photo too.

Monika said...

I've always liked that photo, even though it breaks some of the "rules".

It looks like, over the last week at least, the whales are back to some of their more typical patterns - a relief to us all!