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Monday, June 22, 2009

Double Striped Bluet - Damselfly

The last few days my dad has spotted the first damselflies we have ever seen in my parents' backyard. They proved difficult to approach, and I was unsuccessful at photographing them yesterday without scaring them off. Today, I decided to use the macro setting on my zoom lens to attempt to get some shots from farther away, and was rewarded with some pretty cool results. From my photos I was able to (I think) identify this as a male double-striped bluet (Enallagma basidens).

Check out those eyes!!!


T and S said...

The head-on perspective is amazing, those eyes look beautiful.

Warren Baker said...

I like that head on shot Monika.

I use 300mm zoom lens, for Damsels and dragons, you can only get so close to them before they fly off!

Heather said...

Dang, that is pretty cool!!! I agree, that head-on shot is awesome!

I'm using your blog layout as a guide for my update. I'm still not happy with the results yet, but I'll just keep playing with it.

Monika said...

It was very cool to be "eye-to-eye" with one of these guys!

Warren - that makes a lot of sense. I took these photos with my 300 mm and it was definitely a lot easier than using my macro lens, as I did for the meadowhawk dragonfly shots.

Heather - I'm not entirely satisfied with mine either. I think it needs more color. You can always keep tweaking it!

Alan Dalton said...

Nice shots of this beautiful odanate....