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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday I was on the mainland for the day. I've got to stop leaving the island so much...usually I'm able to stay for several months at a time but an odd set of circumstances has had me leave four times in the last few weeks, twice on the 6 AM ferry this week! Anyway, I just had to pull over to take a closer look at these baby goats.

The very friendly farmer picked one up and handed it to me over the fence. The little guy let out an irresistible bleat and kicked me in the middle of the chest, not hard enough to hurt. The man explained these were Angora goats, and they had several dozen of them roaming around their barnyard along with sheep and chickens. Like sheep, they get shorn for their fleece, which is called mohair. I had only heard of Angora rabbits, another species bred for its soft hair, and it turns out they both get their name from Angora region where they originated near Ankara, Turkey. The top photo is definitely a purebred Angora, but the one below might be one of the mixes he said they had, because it doesn't have that curl to its hair.

I know, not wildlife, but these goats finally convinced me of the fact many people around here have been claiming for weeks: spring has sprung!


Warren Baker said...

Yep, spring is here for sure now monika. Look to the skies for those migrant birds.

Heather said...

Oh I am so jealous that you got to hold that little goat (although I'm sorry to hear it kicked you!)!!! I love baby animals, so you can post as much of that kind of thing as you want as far as I'm concerned.

Monika said...

Warren - I will definitely keep my eyes peeled!

Heather - Baby animals are very irresistible....I'll post any more baby interactions I have!