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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Renewal: Osprey Nest

Back in January, you may remember when I noted that the osprey nest at British Camp had been blown down. I was down at British Camp birding this afternoon (in the warm 60 degree sunshine!) when I heard what sounded like an animal trying to pull bark off a tree. I scanned up and down several trees without being able to locate what I thought would most likely be a woodpecker. Suddenly I heard a whoosh as a large bird took flight above me - it was an osprey!

Clutched in its talons was a mid-sized branch that it had presumably just pulled off the tree. I followed it to see where it would end up, perhaps giving me a clue as to a new nest site. Old habits die hard, though, and the bird flew straight up to the perch where the old nest was located. Through binoculars I could see that the construction of a new nest was underway, and one of the ospreys was still perched up there when I left more than an hour later. Hopefully they'll have good luck building this nest and raising some chicks this year!

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

Ospreys are a real rareity here Monika. I did get a migrant one flyover last year though, superb!!