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Friday, March 13, 2009

Skagit County Birding Part 2

While birding in Skagit County yesterday, the raptors took the day, but I would be remiss to avoid highlighting the magnificent water birds as well, such as this male green-winged teal that was hunting for food among the mud:

I saw several great blue herons, but I was able to snap a great photo of this one along the roadside by slowing down and using my car as a blind. I love how his crest is trailing out behind him (her?):

There were also thousands of swans occupying farm fields. A birder's nightmare, it can be very difficult to tell apart the tundra and trumpeter swans in the field, but I determined both species were present:

And check out this expert landing:

Finally, while I was watching the short-eared owls near the end of the afternoon, a bald eagle flew over and flushed several thousand snow geese. They were far enough away that they looked like a swarm of white insects:

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Warren Baker said...

Could you hear the sound of the thousands of wings?