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Monday, March 9, 2009

San Juan Snow

Our crazy weather continues as over the last two days parts of the island have been snow-covered while other parts are dry and sunny. There was a little more snow today than yesterday, and chilly temperatures kept the snow on the ground while the sunshine cleared the roads so I was able to safely drive down to the south end of the island this afternoon. While the snow had all melted in town, there were still a couple inches down by Cattle Point, and it was beautiful out!

I absolutely love the colors in this first photograph, with the stark white snow contrasting with the bright blue water, and a bit of the golden grass shining through. Definitely check out the larger version by clicking on it to do it justice. I didn't even notice it when I took the picture, but Jason and his big black dog Guinness are in the shot walking along the bluff!

Down closer to Cattle Point lighthouse much of the snow was still undisturbed. Here's a shot of the trail leading up to the lighthouse, with only the meandering tracks of a fox leading up to it:

Something about the split rail fences in the snow captured my attention and they became the subject of my photos for a while:

The North Pair red-tailed hawks were out and about, taking advantage of an icy cold north wind to kite above an open field and look for prey. RTH1, Garth, came over to check me out, and I got some of my best shots of him as he flew overhead. I hadn't noticed until now his white chin, while Ruth RTH2 has an all brown chin:


Jason said...

Nice photos. I really wish I had a DSLR to join in on the fun. It is amazing how small Guinness and I look. Truly an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Super captures Monika! I really like the top lighthouse photo with the incredible colors and contrasts but Garth tops the entire post off with the great overhead shot!

Simply gorgeous!

Vera said...

Ditto what Larry said. I also loved the 1st photo and think it's funny how the eagles are so fascinated by you!

Warren Baker said...

You certainly have some stunning scenery there monika. Nice photo's today.

Vera said...

Oops - I meant "hawks" in my above comment. I'm just used to seeing bald eagles at South Beach!

Unknown said...

The first image is a spectacular snow scape shot and you have taken it beautifully

Monika said...

Jason - I have a feeling you'll be joining in on the DSLR fun in the very near future!

Larry - Thanks! The contrasting colors were really amazing between the water and the snow. I enjoyed shooting the snowscapes but was most excited by Garth's flyover, too.

Vera - I knew what you meant :) It is interesting how this pair does seem "curious". The other red-tailed hawks, so far at least, aren't at all.

Warren - Thank you! It is a very special place I live in and I'm glad to be able to share it with all of you.

T and S - Thanks! I always find it difficult to capture the true essence of some of the local landscapes, and I'm glad I succeeded on that shot.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots! I'm glad I stopped in. I lived all up and down the Pacific coastline all my life before migrating out here to Arizona. I have always been mesmerized by Dolphins and Whales. Now I get a little more excited by hawks and Quails. Glad your blog has both blowholes and feathers!