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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunshine! Warmth!

Today the sun was out, and it wasn't just the cold winter sun - you could actually feel the warmth! It was only in the high 40s instead of the high 30s, but it was enough to be in just a sweatshirt without a jacket on over it.

Keith and I went down to the south end of the island to walk around and sit in the sun for a bit, and it definitely did me a lot of good. I've suffered from a bit of the winter blues, and today made it feel like spring might actually be around the corner. We also came across this cooperative black oystercatcher who let me sit with him for a while and take his photo. At one point some other walkers flushed a flock of about 30-40 black turnstones. What was amazing is that you couldn't see a single one of them before they took off or after they landed - their camoflage is among the best I've ever seen!


Vickie said...

Nice image of the oystercatcher. I had a similar experiences with juncos a day ago. They were foraging in the yard in the shade and I was watching a flicker. Did not see the juncos until they flushed.

Monika said...

Vickie, I still think its amazing how easy it is to miss groups of birds. You must have a different variant of the dark-eyed junco down there, right?