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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Still Winter

Well, our preview of spring is definitely over! No more sunny afternoons in the 50s for a while. Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach and got caught in the middle of a sleet storm. Then today, we woke up to about half an inch of snow. It's warmed up enough to start melting, but it's definitely still a reminder that we are still in the middle of winter!

The light snow was enough to bring the fox sparrow out of hiding and back to the feeder. I hadn't seen him since our last snowstorm. In addition to the hooded merganser I saw from the deck yesterday, that gives me two new species to add to my list in the last week of the Great February Bird Count.

Other than that, I've pretty much been hunkered down inside to stay warm and get out of the rain. There looks like there's a few clear days coming up in the forecast, so that will be the time to get back outside with the camera in hand.


Rainsong said...

So, the ground hog was honest?

I got out and took a few snow pictures. I'm not a photographer, just a snap-shotter, so I have not taken the time to figure out how to capture that glow the snow gives early in the morning before the sun actually reaches my house with his rays. But I do find it easy to ignore the cold bite while the dogs potty when light dances between earth graced by snow and clouds that glow. The moon is new or I might have played with time and speed on the camera.

Did join the dogs in front of the fire before the day was through.

Vickie said...

Despite the distance, we're getting a dose of the same here in TN. Cold rain today, expecting snow in a day. Good time to work on taxes.