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Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing With The Sun(rise)

Being an extreme night owl, its not often I get up before the sun. But today I had to take my car into the shop first thing, and Keith had the idea of going to the local beach for sunrise, something he's been wanting to do for a while. I checked it out last night, and since the sunrise was at a reasonable 7:55, I agreed.

This morning everything was covered in a thick layer of frost. The roads and rooftops were dusted in white, and the windows looked hand-painted with intricate icy designs. It was cool, crisp, and calm out, and our breaths fogged up in front of us as we waited for the sunrise. In the picture below, you can see the waning crescent moon in the multi-colored sky before the sun came up:

Once the sun peaked over the horizon, it was a perfect time to play around with some fun photographic tricks. Here's Keith "holding the sun":

I think this next one should be titled "The Hand of God":

Before too long, the sun had started warming everything up, and the driftwood and plants were covered with a thick layer of due instead of frost. It was getting too cold even without the wind and time to take the car in so we hurried back to the relative warmth of the car. I always enjoy the stillness and beauty of the mornings...but apparently not *quite* enough to do it more often. At least not until I shift my sleep schedule around a little bit more!

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The K said...

Great sun shots. One gets the feeling that the index finger can just push that bright thing back under the horizon.