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Thursday, September 25, 2008

K-Pod Calls from Yesterday

While listening live as I recorded yesterday, I thought the whales were pretty vocal, but it turns out it was pretty hard to find a nice, short sample that has a lot of vocalizations! I found a decent one though: here's a clip from yesterday when J and K Pods went north past the lighthouse. This seems to be all K-Pod vocals; while both Js and Ks make these calls, K-Pod has a distinct high-pitched version that sounds like kittens mewing.


Anonymous said...

That is so neat... How did you record them? Its one thing to hear them on a CD, but I think it would be so neat to hear them "live" in person... :)

Monika said...

Out at Lime Kiln lighthouse, you can listen to the hydrophones live on 88.1 FM. I bought an Mp3 player that has a built-in FM recorder so I could record off the FM broadcast of the hydrophones. You can also listen in for the whales at, where all the local hydrophones are streaming on the internet. It's fun to hear them "live" when you're out there, but it also makes you very aware of all the other underwater noise like freighters and speed boats!