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Friday, September 5, 2008

Red-breasted nuthatch

All three resident pods have been out west to the open ocean for the last few days. At no time this summer have they taken when of their "long" (6+ days) trips out, its mostly just been 3-4 day trips. So hopefully they'll be back soon! It is September, and this time of year the whales often travel all together, so when they do come back it will probably be another superpod!

This does give me the chance to share another photo I took recently, of a red-breasted nuthatch. I was waiting for the whales to come by (what else?) a couple of weeks ago and reading a book when this little bird flitted down to the tree just feet away from me. I had a chance to slowly grab me camera and take a few photos before it continued on its way again. This one is my favorite.

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