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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Salt Spring Island

Another place I very much looked forward to visiting while over on Vancouver Island was Salt Spring Island. While the weather didn't quite cooperate as much as it did for the visit to Tofino the weekend before, we still decided to make the short trip over to Salt Spring for the day to go hiking in the rain. First up was catching the little ferry from Crofton to Vesuvius.

Crofton Harbor
Ferry crossing
Abstract look at cars on the ferry
On the way to our hike at Ruckle Provincial Park we had to pull over to check out the turkeys at Ruckle Heritage Farm. I had no idea they would come right over and check me out! It led to some awesome photographic opportunities.

You may have noticed I was busy playing with my new Ricoh GR camera. It's great for street and macro photography, and was also handy on this day because it A) fit in my pocket out of the rain, unlike my DSLR, and B) is great for black and white photography, which fit the mood of this gray day:

Oh yeah, what was I saying about macro?

The rain just started coming down harder throughout our hike, but I couldn't stop taking photos!

And a couple more mushroom shots for good measure:

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Vera said...

Very cool, as usual. I think my favorite is the tree silhouette. Had to laugh at the turkey close-up.