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Monday, January 18, 2016

Photographing Photographers

I've recently had the pleasure of going out on a couple of photography excursions with a fellow photographer. Photography has mostly been a solo act for me over the years, but it's been exciting to be re-inspired by seeing things through the eyes of someone else. You can both walk the same trail, but end up taking vastly different pictures, and that makes both of you start to push your own photography in new directions! Here are a few of the shots I've taken over the last couple of weeks that have been inspired by seeing things in a different light and experimenting with different styles of photography.

Of course, being with another photographer also gives you another subject to photograph. I found I was taking pictures of him taking pictures, and that it was pretty neat to see the shot that resulted next to the photo of the shot being taken. Here are a few examples of that:

By the way, that sweet little camera he's shooting with his a Ricoh GR, an excellent and compact wide angle set up particularly good for street photography and macro work. I've had a ton of fun getting to play with that a little bit too! And check out some of Jason's other work on his 500px site

Finally, a brief year list update! A little birding on San Juan Island has helped me bump the list from 67 to 74 by adding harlequin duck, red-breasted merganser, black oystercatcher, greater yellowlegs, horned grebe, mourning dove, and house sparrow. That helps me build my lead over my dad, who is still at 66 in the year list challenge, though I know that lead will be short lived! I'm still trailing way behind Dave for the moment as well, who as of yesterday is at an impressive 93!

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