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Monday, January 19, 2015

Birding Griffin Bay

The only bird I added to the year list last week was a pileated woodpecker (83). When I found out our boat was done getting some work done on it, I decided Saturday would be a great day to go for a spin before taking it out of the water again. Since it was in the water on the other side of the island, it was a chance to explore new territory in Griffin Bay, where I got to be on the water side of some of my favorite birding spots like Fourth of July and Jackson Beaches! Even though I've done pretty well on all the expected local sea birds between January 1st and my last ferry trip off island, I was hopeful to add another species or two. During the hour and a half we puttered around the bay, we turned up over 20 species, which I thought was pretty good! They included....

Bald eagle
Ancient murrelets - we saw about 30 of them!

Brandt's cormorants

Common loon

Long-tailed ducks

Other non-photographed highlights included marbled murrelets, common murres, rhinocerous auklets, surf and white-winged (84) scoters, and Pacific loons. 

If only we had been a couple days later - today there were both resident and transient orcas right where we started birding! Soon enough.... :)

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