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Friday, July 13, 2012

Photos From the Last Two Weeks

Sunset from the marina

Raccoon foraging at low tide
Raccoon eating a crab
A new visitor to the bird feeders: red crossbill
The underside of an unknown intertidal creature - anyone have any ideas? Dave?
Smoke hanging in the air during Friday Harbor's 4th of July fireworks
Lopez Island fireworks and the (almost) full moon, as seen looking over Pear Point

Turkey vulture at Land Bank

Sailboat in Haro Strait
Mama hairy woodpecker feeding her fledgling chick at the suet feeder on a foggy morning
West side summer sunset from Land Bank


Tim said...

The unknown creature is a chiton. I've only seen a handful in the hours I've spent roaming the coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, and they do seem to be more abundant in more pristine locations.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Never seen a chiton although we do get several species of them on the rocky western coasts down in Cornwall, Wales, western Ireland and the west coast of Scotland - none round here on our mud flats and salt marshes.
Love the silhouetted crossbill - good pics all round!



Laura said...

Yup. A gumboot chiton would be my guess. Love those things!

Monika said...

Thanks everyone! I've seen two different species of local chitons before but never a gumboot chiton. It looks a lot different than the others, so I didn't recognize it as the same family! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Monika, you're photos are just beautiful. What a neat picture of the crossbill - you sure can see the crossed bills!