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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The "I'm On Hold" Bird Count

I was dreading the phone call I had to make today to dispute my internet/phone bill, which was incorrect for the third month in a row. From past experience, I knew I would probably be put on hold for a while as the appropriate supervisors were consulted with. I realized instead of letting my anger rise as the minutes of the hold ticked by, I would take advantage of the time to conduct an informal bird count out my window, in preparation for next weekend's Great Backyard Bird Count. Here's the decent list I generated during my 30 minutes (!!!) on hold:

9 dark-eyed juncos
1 belted kingfisher
5 glaucous-winged gulls
2 rock doves
1 Pacific wren
3 chestnut-backed chickadees
1 song sparrow
1 red-breasted nuthatch

And I even got the billing issue resolved!


Julie said...

love it!


Dave Wenning said...

It's like a Christmas song, "...and a partridge..."

Warren Baker said...

you gotta laugh :-) it's the same the world over ! Did you have some nice music while on hold :-)