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Monday, September 14, 2009

Marine Wildlife Highlights

There's been a lot of wildlife to see lately - not just the orcas. Here are a few photo highlights:

A whole flotilla of cross jellyfish right off the back deck of the houseboat

A great blue heron takes flight after perching on a kelp bed

Humpback whales visible from shore!

This afternoon I was watching some L-Pod whales from shore when I saw a very tall blow, and I said out loud, "That is NOT an orca!" It turned out to be from a humpback whale, and watching through binoculars revealed it was actually three humpbacks traveling together. Humpbacks used to be found in the inland waters here until they were hunted to local extinction. In 2003 they started coming back, and now every year they are seen in the area, especially in the fall, but a sighting from shore is still a rare thing indeed! Even though they were a mile or more offshore it was so cool to see them.


Warren Baker said...

Good to hear about the Humpbacks doing well. I bet you were well pleased to see them Monika.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

That's one hell ova camera you've got if they're a mile away - I know they're big but...


Heather said...

Wow, those jellyfish just look unreal. They creep me out a little bit, though! And the humpbacks - they are too cool! Take care!

julie said...

humpbacks! wow! that's awesome. we saw tons of those cross jellies when we were kayaking up there a couple of weeks ago. quite the elegant little critter, floating in the water column.

Monika said...

Warren - It's been a slow recovery for them, but it's sure cool to have humpbacks in the area again.

Dave - The photo's cropped quite a bit too!

Heather - The big jellies creep me out a little but the little ones I'm okay with!

Julie - I know! I've heard of them a lot off the Victoria area but to see them in Haro, especially from shore, was awesome. They spent two days in the area before heading west again.